Saint Heron is proud to announce the release of Solange Knowles’s new art book, In Past Pupils and Smiles, a 188-page monograph celebrating the artist’s self-composed and directed closing performance of the same name at the 58th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale de Venezia on November 24, 2019.

A symbolic, archival preservation of the world-making incantations and bespoke kinesics in the work, the book is a commemorative keepsake that reflects on the thoughtful and collaborative detailing that ultimately shaped the finished presentation of In Past Pupils and Smiles. Including interviews with the band, background vocalists, costume designer, hairstylist, production team, and Solange herself, the book takes a deep dive into the work’s birth from an idea, overcoming the unexpected obstacles resulting from the flooding that left Venice’s historic basilica partially submerged and in a state of emergency, the energy behind the scenes, the many hours of practice and rehearsal, how it bonded everyone’s creative chemistry, and the various interpretations of the piece’s intent and lasting imprint.

Published by Anteism in partnership with Saint Heron, the book is available to order now below.