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The List: Mercy Sang

Photograph By: Stephanie Cammarano

The List: Mercy Sang

By: Shantel Pass | Published: November 16, 2018

“The List” is our exclusive series highlighting select artists and the various, random things they’re currently into and inspired by. With featured guests from all creative facets, this series shall serve as your go-to for all things visionary and artistic.

Upon finding inspiration in her observations of Australia’s promising talent, Mercy Sang branched out from her role as a model to highlight overlooked and underrepresented creatives within the fashion, art, film and photography circuit. But this would be more than a marketing “conversation starter” for sure. She would become the chief architect of culturally diverse experiences that marry who the creative world lets in and who it leaves out. Thus, People of Colour Collective (POCC) Magazine was born and it’s already stretching aspiring gratefulness into deserved pride for Melbourne’s young artistic community.

In this edition of The List, Mercy shares current muses and influences from Malick Sidibe’s life-giving photography to her own reconnection with her Kenyan heritage – all of which help chart the design of her ever-evolving blueprint.

Black Orpheus

Black Orpheus is my absolute favourite film. Ever since discovering it, I see it quite possibly once a week. Everything about the film is breathe taking, and every single shot looks like a painting.

Malick Sidibe

Ever since coming across Malick Sidibe’s photographs I instantly became obsessed. I quickly started collecting as much of his work as I could. He captured the unexplainable African flare.

Sory Sanle

My other favourite photographer is Ibrahima Sanle Sory from Burkina Faso. I was introduced to him by my mother and was gifted one of his books and was hooked ever since.

Blood Orange – Negro Swan

This album has been on repeat ever since its release, and looks like it will be my summer album, as it should.


If I were able to wear Prada at all times I definitely would. Yes, at all times.

Fela Kuti

I listen to Zombie by Fela at least once a day, especially in the morning as I get ready for my day. It puts me in the best mood.

Short hair

I finally gathered up the courage to cut my hair short and now wondering why I never did it sooner.


I recently traveled back home to Kenya for a few months after a few years and the trip was non describable. No doubt, the most impactful trip I have ever had at a very important and particular time in my life. I was able to reconnect with not only my family but my heritage. That one particular trip will stay with me forever.

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