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Syd Directs New Visual for The Internet’s “Come Over”

With July 20th – The Internet‘s Hive Mind release date – on our main countdown, the California-hailing band makes the wait a bit easier with the release of their second visual from the album. Directed by the band’s own Syd, “Come Over” opens with the crew bored and summoning company. Before you know it, Syd is serenading (from the yard) her window-side lady and then again in classic, garage band scene, Matt‘s performing a special, private show for his lady, Steve‘s electrifying guitar solo scene is weaving footage of he and his beau’s dreamy backdrop, Patrick and his lady are struggling to find the zen, and Chris is channeling his inner-smooth operator for some chill time with his date. From each vibrantly-colored frame to the unexpected, lighthearted skits, the “Come Over” visual subtly reflects the lyrics’ pure intentions.

Syd’s not just a unique vocalist with a smooth pen and a knack for production as proven with the flawless direction here. Watch above for all the gorgeous color and personality of “puppy love.

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