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Solange Accepts Artist of the Year Webby Award with 5-word Speech


The Saint Heron family is overjoyed to announce that our leading lady Solange is officially a Webby. Just over two weeks ago we announced that she was named Artist of the Year by the Webby Academy “in celebration of her remarkable use of the Internet as a force for promoting community and diversity.” Tonight Solange was presented her award by the very talented visual artist Kara Walker and accepted the honor with an on-brand, five-word speech saying, “I got five on it.

Before off-trend originality was “cool,” Solange’s eccentric flavor remained a constant in everything from her style to her artistry. With that devotion to individuality and defiance to conformity, she inspired a wave of creatives who didn’t quite fit in to remain true to their personal and artistic uniqueness. In 2013 Solo’s Saint Records label released the Saint Heron compilation album featuring a host of artists whose music strayed from the time’s radio-safe norms. The following year, an eponymous online culture/entertainment news hub was created to further boost the recognition of under-the-radar artists of all types. Solange’s unwavering commitment to supporting and encouraging artists of color stands at the forefront of everything she aims to accomplish and will be just one of the many impactful outcomes of her legacy.

As stated by officials at the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, “Not only is Solange one of the greatest artists of our time, but she’s also a true artist of the online generation.” More than anything, she’s a selfless artist of life who offers love and healing, and promotes authenticity and pride. The woman who dared to make a difference did just that and the world salutes her for it. Congratulations again to our biggest inspiration, our leader and friend, Solange Knowles on receiving the Webby Artist of the Year Award.

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