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Saint Voyage: Joshua Tree


This is the true story of 15 creatives who chose to live in the California desert, collaborate with one another, and document their journey through social media and dusky photos of the Morongo Valley landscape. After stumbling upon Shelter-co, a pop-up luxury camping company, Solange suggested to five close friends, that celebrating NYE in the desert would be ideal.


They referred to it as “Glamping”—an upgrade from those troublesome d-i-y tents and your standard nylon sleeping bag. A fusion of glamour and camping, the trip was a way they could enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing cell phone service or electricity.  As New Year’s Eve approached, heated blankets, leather chairs, and the cold night air of Joshua Tree, California was on everyone’s mind and penciled into everyone’s schedule.

This group of five had multiplied into 15 via their #Turnupteepee group chat. As the designers, directors, editors, and photographers planned their New Year’s Eve getaway, their group message flourished into a forum of commentary, which involved sharing mood boards, discussing desert life worries, and some exchanging “Waiting to Exhale” gifs.

“Glamping” soon became “Blamping,” (Black folk camping), and the rest is history. Peruse some of the group’s #TurnUpTeepee adventures in the photos below.



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Special Thanks To Joshua Kissi & Kadeem Johnson For The Amazing Photos Throughout The Trip!

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