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Roll Back, Play That: Tommy Genesis

Roll Back, Play That: Tommy Genesis

By: Shantel Pass | Published: December 24, 2018

Saint Heron presents “Roll Back, Play That,” an original series of superior musical deep cuts curated by our favorite artists of today.

Tommy Genesis’s sharp-witted flow and wild femininity jettisons the rap world’s double standards and charms the attention of anyone within sight or hearing range. For this edition of Roll Back, Play That, the Canada-born rapper and model joins her eclectic tastes in a high-energy playlist that’s uniquely rock-heavy with touches of reggae and classic soul. From punk’s early Peruvian roots in “Come On (Ven aquí) by Los Saicos to the spiritually warm “I Luv I Jah” (by Rastafari band Bad Brains) and Barbara Mason’s slow-burning “Yes, I’m Ready,” Tommy’s scintillating selections honor the vivid colors that fill her own artistry’s palette.

Los Saicos – “Come On”

Los Saicos is a Peruvian band from the 1960s that made punk music before the genre ‘punk’ existed.

Saul Williams – “List of Demands”

Bad Brains – “I Luv I Jah”

Tones on Tail – “Twist”

Hole – “Teenage Whore”

Kleenex/Liliput – “Nice” 

Barbara Mason – “Yes I’m Ready”

MIA – “Pull Up The People”

Santigold – “L.E.S. Artistes”

Tatu – “All The Things She Said”

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