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Roll Back, Play That: serpentwithfeet

Roll Back, Play That: serpentwithfeet

By: NyAsia Burris | Published: November 14, 2018

Saint Heron presents “Roll Back, Play That,” an original series of superior musical deep cuts curated by our favorite artists of today.

Baltimore native serpentwithfeet is a multifaceted artist with a glaring visceral sound. Deep rooted in gospel and classical genres, the experimental artist envelopes versatile influences, as shown on this edition of Saint Heron’s Roll Back, Play That. From Brandy’s ’98 R&B ballad “Almost Doesn’t Count” to Kathleen Battle’s ’91 operatic number “Over My Head I Hear Music in the Air,” serpentwithfeet’s playlist displays his range in musical influences. Listen to the full playlist below.

Brandy – “Almost Doesn’t Count”

You will never catch me multi-tasking while this is playing. First of all, Mama is saaangin’ !!  Secondly, I marvel at the latitude Brandy has in this song. She sees exactly what homeboy is (not) doing & I pray for that kind of clarity everyday.

Natalie Wilson  – “Calvary” (reprise)

Musiq Soulchild – “Just Friends”

If we change a few of these pronouns, this song could be a bromance anthem ! I love that Musiq presents new intimacy possibilities here. All this care and transparency feels sustainable and exciting.

John Legend – “Show Me”

Kathleen Battle – “Over my Head I Hear Music in the Air”

Kathleen Battle is my favorite opera singer of all time and this song is the only anti-aging remedy I require. I become a dovelike 1st-grader each time I hear her sing this.

Bilal  – “Sometimes”

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