//Audio: Rayana Jay, “Sleepy Brown”

Audio: Rayana Jay, “Sleepy Brown”

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Organized Noize, the production team behind Outkast, has changed the sound of music forever. They put the South on the map and gave it it’s own distinct sound that still dominates music today. Many have been influenced by them, and Richmond, California’s Rayana Jay can attest to that. The 22 year old singer-songwriter has released a homage to Organized Noize and Outkast with her latest single, “Sleepy Brown.” The chilled-out track, produced by Mikos Da Gawd, takes it’s name from one of Organized Noize’s famed producers and sounds like one of those aimless southern summer days you’d reminisce about with friends.

Rayana Jay was cool enough to answer some questions about the track and about last year’s EP XXI:

What was your inspiration behind “Sleepy Brown”?

I had just finished watching the Organized Noize documentary & was reminded that Sleepy Brown is hands down one of the coolest individuals to ever exist. I had to pay homage. As soon as it went off I wrote the first few bars & kept asking myself “Yo, would Sleepy Brown like this?!” I was focused on making a song that would be deemed cool by the coolest.

Although you’re from the Bay Area, how has Atlanta played a role in your sound?

Richmond, CA was where a lot of people from the South migrated to, so growing up there was like being in a very small version of Louisiana, Georgia, Texas, and all the other Black southern states pressed together. My uncle has always kept me hip to Atlanta music; he’d drive me around Richmond in his box Chevy & have that shit bumpin. Hella Gucci, Outkast, Big Gipp. He still does it. So the culture, the music has always felt natural to me.

How has your sound/changed or evolved since XXI?

I was freshly 21 when I released XXI. I had already been making music and writing for about 3 years before that, but I don’t think I had a solid idea of who I was as an artist. I love XXI, but there are times I listen & say “oh! I should’ve said this” or “this could be different.” I’m 22 now, and though that isn’t a big difference, a lot of growth happens in a year. I loved more, traveled farther, met amazing people. I think the music now reflects that growth.

We hope Sleepy Brown hears the track, but until then you can hear it for yourself below:

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