//Play With Fan-Made Beyoncé Soundboardt

Play With Fan-Made Beyoncé Soundboardt


Two months since the release of Beyoncé‘s self-titled visual album, the viral memes from her catchy sing-along records remain ever so influential. Whether Bey encouraged ladies to channel their inner feminism with “***Flawless” quote “I woke up like this,” or their with inner freak with classic “Drunk In Love” memes “Surfboard,” and “Watermelon,” every human immersed in pop culture should be familiar.

Make music with the Beyoncé Soundboardt, an online fan-made clickable mixing board composed of notable lyric samples from the album. It’s fun and totally praises the amazing listening experience of the historical album.

Play with the Soundboardt here, and then peep the video for “Partition” below:

Beyoncé, “Partition” (Video)

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