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Noname is Every Woman on ‘Room 25’ Album

Noname Room 25

I type this somewhere between intense goosebumps and tear-filled eyes listening to Noname‘s new Room 25 project. The Chicago native’s debut album is her first solo release since 2016’s Telefone EP, and the second time she’s confiscated our attention and arrested our hearts with her skillful swagger and selcouth truth-telling. Room 25 is so dense with marvelousness that it’d be a tremendous disservice to its thoughtful and artful expression to choose a favorite or pick quotable lines this early. What easily stands out, however, is Noname’s importance to Rap and to women. In each of the eleven tracks, a common theme is just how clearly she’s seeing everyone else now that she’s found herself. Naturally supernatural as ever, Noname isn’t going with the flow – she IS the flow.

Wildly musical, the LP includes features from fellow Chicagoans Smino, Ravyn Lenae, Saba, Phoelix, Adam Ness and more. But Noname impresses most with the variety of place and circumstance she so perfectly weaponizes womanly grace. Listen to Room 25 via Spotify and Apple Music below or on the streaming platform of your choice.

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