Watch NAO and SiR Sing Their Hopeless Devotion in the Visual for “Make it Out Alive”

by Shantel Pass | published: Sep 25, 2018

The SiR-assisted, ride-or-die duet of the century from NAO got its accompanying visual today. In the scenic footage, NAO sings her hopeless devotion in the dessert – presumably, the final resting place of a newly ended chapter – while SiR sings similar sentiments in a bus station (presumably on his way back to or away from the scene).

In a statement, NAO was quoted as saying, “The video for ‘Make It Out Alive’ explores the transitional period of our lives. We’ve left behind the old and heading into the new but between that we’re lost. Trying to find out direction and our path which can sometimes feel aimless. This is why I chose to shoot the video in the Californian desert. This idea of being consumed by vastness made me feel overwhelmed but hopeful at the same time.

“Make It Out Alive” comes from the singer’s forthcoming album Saturn due October 26th. Watch the visual above.


Iman Europe Makes Hypnotic Debut with ‘Nami’

by Shantel Pass | published: Sep 25, 2018


Fans and supporters of Californian sweetheart Iman Europe know it’s been a long time coming – today, her debut album Nami arrives after its kickstarter’s success. In this sonic kaleidoscope we witness Europe flying high and relishing in her own glory. The twelve rich love jams (that feel like they can be dedicated to self as much as they can a lover) are a sublime display of the singer’s endless bag of vocal, writing and vibe-shifting tricks. Personal favorites “Sometimes” and “High Tonight” are breezy night-ride cuts while “Issues” delivers a Hip Hop-tinged and perfectly-spiced read, “Me!” boasts gritty, west coast energy and “Speedin’/Sprung” offers a hazy, Electronic vibe.

Nami includes the recently released “Time,” has an accompanying, self-written affirmation book (Nami Says) and contains contributions from Wayne Valentine, SiR, Ill Camille, Fat Ron, DK The Punisher and Zyah Belle. Listen below.


GoldLink and Miguel “Got Friends” in New Visual

by Shanice Brim | published: Sep 25, 2018

GoldLink stays with a bop and a slick visual and “Got Friends” is a winning addition to the ranks. Just in time for scary movie season, GoldLink has teamed up with Miguel and director Christian Sutton to give us an unexpected horror-comedy of a music video. We open in a diner, three beautiful girls (shoutout to Bria Myles) walk in and thirst abounds. You think you know where the night is headed but a sudden twist spins an average night out of control. Check out the video above!


Noname is Every Woman on ‘Room 25’ Album

by Shantel Pass | published: Sep 14, 2018

Noname Room 25

I type this somewhere between intense goosebumps and tear-filled eyes listening to Noname‘s new Room 25 project. The Chicago native’s debut album is her first solo release since 2016’s Telefone EP, and the second time she’s confiscated our attention and arrested our hearts with her skillful swagger and selcouth truth-telling. Room 25 is so dense with marvelousness that it’d be a tremendous disservice to its thoughtful and artful expression to choose a favorite or pick quotable lines this early. What easily stands out, however, is Noname’s importance to Rap and to women. In each of the eleven tracks, a common theme is just how clearly she’s seeing everyone else now that she’s found herself. Naturally supernatural as ever, Noname isn’t going with the flow – she IS the flow.

Wildly musical, the LP includes features from fellow Chicagoans Smino, Ravyn Lenae, Saba, Phoelix, Adam Ness and more. But Noname impresses most with the variety of place and circumstance she so perfectly weaponizes womanly grace. Listen to Room 25 via Spotify and Apple Music below or on the streaming platform of your choice.


Courtnie is a Love-struck Vixen in the Video for “Mesmerized”

by Shantel Pass | published: Sep 14, 2018

It’s always a good time when Courtnie drops off new work. Today we’ve gotten the visual for “Mesmerized” directed by frequent collaborator Marissa Syd. Delicate and playful, the NYC-based singer croons love’s magnificence in delicate and playful scenes lined with calmly colored backdrops.  No matter what mood she’s in or what persona she takes on, she remains totally awe-struck by her muse, herself. Watch Courtnie demonstrate self-love her way in the “Mesmerized” video above.


Watch Moses Sumney’s Live, One-take Performance of “Rank & File”

by Shantel Pass | published: Sep 11, 2018

Moses Sumney is so much more than a talented artist and that fact is solidified by his latest visual for a live rendition of “Rank & File.” Building a supporting track from scratch on a loop machine, the singer and musician goes full-out music matter specialist with claps, snaps, military counts and warped voice effects for the backdrop before later adding his richly perfect vocals in verses. The blissfully dreamy energy of Moses’ Paris-set, one-take performance surrenders only to the sobering reality lamented in the lyrics. Still, the live, Colin Solal Cardo-directed “Rank & File” visual is stirring, intense and absolutely undeniable. Watch above and listen to Sumney’s Black in Deep Red, 2014 EP.


Kilo Kish Releases Transformative ‘Mothe’ EP

by Maia Seals | published: Sep 07, 2018

Following the release of her dreamy visual for hit single “Elegance,” Kilo Kish returns with the Mothe EP. The 6-song project has zero features and carries a tranquil experimental vibe. Unlike her previous releases, there are no catchy rhythmic raps to bop along to. Instead, Kish sings effortlessly over heavy electronic instrumentals. It seems as though Kilo Kish has fully transitioned and taken flight as a new artist- less busy and anxious than before.

She spoke on her artistic journey via Paper magazine, in which she explained the reasoning behind the title. After all, most people compare their 180 transformations to butterflies. “A butterfly is more of the sugary, happy version of transformation, and I felt like a moth is a somewhat unwanted transformation but it still happens,” she explained before diving deeper into specifics.

As we continue to digest and enjoy her newest work, take some time to peek into the new mind of Kilo Kish. Stream Mothe below.

Photos by Andrew Arther and Caroline Mackintosh.


Maségo’s ‘Lady Lady’ Album Arrives

by Shantel Pass | published: Sep 07, 2018


A lot can be said about Maségo‘s artistry but one of the most important of these is how it just continues to get better with time. Lady Lady arrives today and, from start to finish, the Virginia-born artist/musician demonstrates an impressive sonic range. The album’s opener “Silk…” is a deeply and musically lush, piano-led number and by track three (“Lavish Lullaby”), an avalanche of Trap percussions envelope Maségo’s sax expressions. The album closes with two remixes of 2017’s “Tadow” single and contains the previously released title track, the SiR-assisted “Old Age” and “Queen Tings” featuring Tiffany Gouché.

Listen to Lady Lady below.


Ari Lennox Reckons with Phantom Feels in the “Whipped Cream” Visual

by Shantel Pass | published: Sep 06, 2018

After singing her face off in an acoustic performance of “Whipped Cream,” Ari Lennox has shared the track’s official visual. Directed by Doubiago Bishara for The Fiends, the lovely songstress is found contemplating her conflicted emotions surrounding the remnants of an old love affair. As Ari attempts to reckon with moving on, she finds that memories of her former beau haunt her – even to the point of needing a pull from her signature imaginary cigarette. Watch the official “Whipped Cream” music video above.


Tyler, The Creator Drops Two Instrumental Jams

by Shantel Pass | published: Sep 04, 2018

Tyler, The Creator

In the event that you’ve been under a rock, you should know you’ve been missing out on some pretty cool originals from Tyler, The Creator who has been flexing his artistic muscles in a series of loosies. The latest are instrumental reworks from his 2015 effort, Cherry Bomb. “Puff” was taken from the project’s “Blow My Load” while “2SEATER” gets an orchestrally Jazzy makeover in its reveal as “Bucket.” If you’ve ever doubted Tyler’s musical ear, you should prepare to rethink that. Listen below.


Petite Noir to Release Visual Mini-Album in Collaboration with Red Bull Music

by Shantel Pass | published: Sep 04, 2018

Petite Noir‘s forthcoming mini-album La Maison Noir / The Black House is set to arrive October 5th via Roya. Today he’s announced that the project’s accompanying visual, in collaboration with Red Bull Music, will also be released that same day and available to watch on the film’s own official website. The four-part visual EP directed by Rochelle Nembhard is vivid, scenic and is said to “[evoke] themes of resistance, migration and women’s rights.

To depict the various stages of life, Petite Noir tapped imagery that references the four sections of the Congolese cosmogram (Kala, Tukula, Luvemba and Masoni). The film will also feature choreography from Manthe Ribane and Fashion Direction by Gabrielle Kannemeyer. Watch La Maison Noir / The Black House visual’s trailer above and be sure to check out the EP’s lead single “Blame Fire” here.


ICYMI: Beya Likhari Gets Introspective on The Inbetween Part 2.

by Shanice Brim | published: Sep 03, 2018


In July, Beya Likhari hit us with part one of The Inbetween, her experimental EP meant to capture the feeling of two different moods. The first half featured two upbeat grooves “Hold On” and “Nerdy Girl” but this second half is almost like a thoughtful come down from the first. “Scared” and “Secrets” are moodier than the tracks that preceded them with lyrics that speak of the fear of vulnerability, late-night confessionals, and wishing a lover to return. Listen via Spotify below or on Apple Music.

For listeners wanting to gain more insight into Beya’s concept for this two-part EP, check out the awesome journal she created to accompany it. Just click here, tap “enter” then tap “+Inbetween” where you’ll be taken to a crossword puzzle you must complete to enter! And, if you happen to be in Baltimore on Thursday, September 20th, check our girl out at Metro Gallery with Ava Luna.