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Listen to Beya Likhari’s ‘The Inbetween, Pt. 1’

Beya Likhari

Beya Likhari returns with a two-single set that packs a lot of energy and definitely something to two-step to. The Inbetween, Pt. 1 teleports listeners, via the singer’s thundering-soft vocals, to love-centered reflections that call to remembrance the highs of youthful romance. A precursor to the second half’s release, these two tracks will be followed by their sister set The Inbetween, Pt. 2 to complete Likhari’s four-track, fourth EP The Inbetween. She says, “Lately I’ve just felt like I’m between two moods. I guess that’s my form of balance in a way. I wanted to play with that split in my emotions lyrically, and I thought that releasing the EP in two parts would be the best way to show that.”

On Beya’s website, you can check out The Inbetween’s companion journal and a complete a neat, digital wordsearch. You can listen to Pt. 1 on all music streaming platforms and below via Spotify.

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