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Get Into It: Eryn Allen Kane

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That crystal-clear voice you hear and curly mane you see is almost as big as what you can’t spot at first glance: her passion. Chicago-based, Detroit-bred Eryn Allen Kane isn’t your typical singer-songwriter. She doesn’t coo about ex-boyfriends or an extravagant weekend on the town. She is essentially a product of the world around her, like us all, and she uses her melodic cadence to make a stand as well as a statement. Her artistry is reinforced with a nostalgic aesthetic reminiscent of the women from the steamy Chicago Jazz scene that came before her that old souls have longed for since.

Making her breakthrough just this year, Kane’s sultry, unapologetic style is a tribute to her drive, her fiery need to deliver. Although an untouched gem, she has already teamed up with Chance the Rapper for Surf, the musical powerhouse Prince to vocalize solidarity with victims of police brutality in “Baltimore,” landed a role in Spike Lee‘s upcoming Chi-Raq film, and lent her compelling vocalities to BET’s Being Mary Jane. But Kane’s already got her eyes set on the next horizon, and she’s done so with her debut EP, Aviary.

She recently shared with us that the title Aviary is described as “the allusion of being free within confinement,” although we all are bounded by cages of addiction, socio-political limitations, and depression that are cultivated by ourselves and society. It is a testament to the fact there are many stories and topics to be told. Compiling a group of untold messages and anecdotes that real people could relate to, Kane delivered a “story in which we all could live in.” The singer-songwriter has taken her time with introducing herself to hungry ears, but fame has called her name louder than ever. With emotion-infused vocals and dynamic production, her introductory EP strokes a blank canvas with a palette glistened in metaphors of hope, pain, love, and resiliency.  

“Bass Song,” the only never-before-released track on Aviary, illustrates the struggle in desirability and ‘forbidden fruit’ encountered throughout daily life with dynamic layers and prowess. Paired with an exaggerated and airy delivery, Kane, with the help of accentuated background vocals, embodies soul-wrenching passion through soundscapes that have long been missing from the world of R&B and neo-soul. But, one of her first greetings to the public ear was with her heart wrenching vocal track, “Have Mercy.” The accompanying visual actualizes the high-energy and emotional value of the ballad while giving viewers an intimate portrait of the singer onscreen. Although at first listen it might appear to be a devotional piece questioning the purest love for a man, the story line falls merely in the ear of the listener.

Irresistibly potent, Eryn Allen Kane’s chilling voice still remains pure and honest. Honing her authentic title as a musician by enlisting instrumentalists and a live band, her debut EP is a genuine composition of artistry. While Aviary may only be an appetizer to the full course, we are thrilled to follow Kane’s road to success.

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