Queens of the New Age Present: A Celebration of Extraordinary Women (QUEENS IV)

by Shantel Pass | published: Dec 12, 2016


As the reign of women of color continues to thrive, Queens of the New Age continues to support it. In the next edition of their Celebration of Extraordinary Women, five visual artists, four performing artists and two deejays will join forces to showcase their artistry while cultivating an atmosphere for co-creation and collaboration. Fostering innovation as well as community and sisterhood, this fourth gathering of beautiful, artistic minds is one you definitely don’t want to miss. The lovely Jamila Woods is the headlining performer this go-round with supporting performances from Miss Jack Davey, Joy Postell and MayaNicol. Host Quinta B will keep the vibe high as will the exhibitions from visuals artists Dana Washington, Kayla Reefer, Brie Ortega, Lexx Valdez and Amani Washington. DJs SlowLikeWhoa and Novena Carmel will be spinning the tunes.

Attempts to stifle Black art to the point of complete erasure can only be stopped if we all come together to keep it alive. So Los Angeles, get out this Thursday, December 15th, to support your local girl gang for QUEENS IV at voila! Gallery. Pre-sale tickets are available for purchase here.


Saint Heron & Shotgun Cinema Present: Film Screening of ‘Mother of George’ & Wine & Grind

by Shantel Noel | published: Dec 01, 2016


The Saint Heron team is collaborating with Shotgun Cinema to bring you a screening of the Sundance-prize winning film, Mother Of George. The film has a visual manner that is unlike any other. Cinematographer Bradford Young (Selma, Arrival) and the incredible director that is Andrew Dosumnu have created a compelling story that explores how a tight knit community navigates life’s events.

Based in modern Brooklyn, the film tells the story of a newlywed Nigerian couple. We quickly learn of their difficulties with conceiving a child which causes issues for the newlyweds and their families. Adenike (Danai Gurira of The Walking Dead) makes a shocking choice that could either satisfy the hopes and desires of her family and husband Ayodele (the incomparable Isaach De Bankolé) or destroy everything.

To find out how the story line unfolds, join us on Friday, December 9th at The Saint Heron House (1340 Monetgut Street) and stick around to Wine & Grind the night away afterwards. Tickets can be purchased for pre-sale here!


Saint Heron Presents: ‘Ashes and Embers’ Screening & PROCLAMATION! LA

by Shantel Pass | published: Nov 23, 2016


Los Angeles! Saint Heron is inviting you to join us on December 2nd for the screening of Ehtiopian filmmaker Haile Gerima’s Ashes and Embers. The fiercely torrid drama tells the story of a disillusioned Vietnam veteran (Ned Charles) who leaves his girlfriend and grandmother’s farm behind in Washington as he journeys to Los Angeles. While the original plan was to acquire a better life, Ned’s efforts are impeded when he finds himself in serious trouble. Released in 1982, Ashes and Embers focuses on the world-weary cynicism that plagued many veterans of color amidst the shambolic political landscape of that time.

We’re ending the evening with a PROCLAMATION! Party following the screening of Ashes and Embers. As always, we wish to begin our fellowship with some good vibes from everyone in attendance, so Proclamations will be requested at the door.

This special evening is just one week away, so be sure to grab your tickets before they’re gone here.


Saint Heron & Pioneer Works Present: Wine & Grind After Party For “Roll Back, Say That” On Ms. Lauryn Hill’s Pivotal ‘Unplugged No. 2.0’

by Shantel Noel | published: Nov 18, 2016


During such a controversial time within our country and communities, Lauryn Hill’s live album Unplugged 2.0 boasts as a politically charged work of art that withstands the test of time with Ms. Hill paving the way for artists of likeness to come. Similar to the works of this record, our partners at Pioneer Works seek to transcend traditional boundaries and provide space where alternative modes of thought are supported. So on December 17th, Saint Heron is partnering with Pioneer Works to honor the timeless project in a panel discussion format.

The critically acclaimed album was released on May 7th, 2002. Though it was powerful in its own right, it received mixed reviews. On the receiving end, many were not ready to embrace an artist who had abandoned the well-loved sound of her debut album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill – (1998), for a more soulfully acoustic one. But the now highly-regarded album came from an honest place as she spoke on her life experiences, the state of the world and other challenges she faced as a black woman. Needless to say, it was therapeutic for those who really took the time to listen.

We are excited to host this event with the Pioneer Works community and look forward to celebrating a masterful album with our guest panel of writers, artists and speakers as well as partying with you after. Participating panelists will be announced at a later date. For now, grab your tickets to the after party here



Saint Heron Presents: Proclamation! at The Standard Spa Miami Beach

by Bianca Garwood | published: Nov 18, 2016


After spending time with your loved ones over the holiday, join us in Miami for another edition of Proclamation! at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach.

We’ll be having fun in the sun while soaking up these positive vibes, so come ready to dance the night away and leave your woes on the dance floor. As usual, have your manifestos in mind to be shared upon entry. Interested in joining us? Tickets can be purchased here!


Queens of the New Age Present: A Celebration of Extraordinary Women (QOTNA III)

by Shantel Pass | published: Nov 17, 2016


Tomorrow, November 18th, Queens of the New Age will continue their Celebration of Extraordinary Women. This third installment of the artist series that aims to bring creatives of all mediums to one stage will take place at the Voila! Gallery in Los Angeles at 8pm. Headlining DJs Hannah Faith and Eden Hagos will be joined by performers AZUL, Mereba, Leiah and Kayla Blackmon. The event is also set to feature exclusive visual arts exhibits from Dana Washington, Jacqueline Fuller, Brilliant Garcia and Hannah Faith herself.

Be sure to grab your tickets early and revisit our Hannah Faith feature where she talks everything from mental illness and artistry.


Saint Heron Presents: A Very Special PROCLAMATION! in New Orleans

by Saint Heron | published: Nov 09, 2016


Amidst all of the angst, frustration, and trauma, the Saint Heron team continues to hope we can provide a safe place for us and our community. Tomorrow, Thursday November 10th, we’re excited to share a special edition of PROCLAMATION! here in New Orleans.

Join us with warm spirits as we leave our woes on the dance floor and immense ourselves with purifying and inspirational soundscapes. As usual, a mandatory handwritten note of proclamation is required upon entry. We look forward to sharing positivity and light and seeing you all at the Saint Heron House, located at 1340 Montegut Street in the Bywater area, at 9PM!

Please RSVP at events@saintheron.com


7 Songs That Make The Ladies of KING ‘Wine & Grind’

by Chelsea Samuel | published: Oct 27, 2016


The majestic ladies of KING will be bringing their talents to New Orleans this evening. As we prepare for tonight’s show, the trio, composed of Anita Bias and twin sisters Amber and Paris Strother, is sharing 7 songs that make them Wine & Grind!

With signature cuts from The S.O.S Band to N.E.R.D., these dreamy 7 songs are sure to make your body move and groove. The playlist can also serve to help you choose the perfect dancing shoes for KING and Nick Hakim’s show live at Tiptina’s (Uptown) tonight. So grab a friend and be sure to purchase your tickets here for an unforgettable night of soul.


Saint Heron Presents: Roll Back, Say That With Lorna Williams & Gia Hamilton

by Ciarra Walters | published: Oct 25, 2016


We will be hosting our artist talk series ROLL BACK, SAY THAT featuring the New Orleans native, Lorna Williams and her “in’hərənt lore” show with moderation by the cultural practitioner and entrepreneur, Gia Hamilton in an intimate setting of 50 people. The figurative artist, Lorna Williams, has showcased her work through the country, displaying her collection of pieces made from a variety of materials. With bold expression, Lorna is known for using materials seen frequently throughout the day such as, tree branches, paper, clay, feathers, bones and so on using her own body as inspiration.

We’re already inspired and filled with excitement to share with you the work of two phenomenal artists and visionaries on November 5th!  In the mean time, Lorna Williams work as well as her long list of raving reviews can be found on her site. New Orleans, don’t miss out on the show or the after party at 1340 Montegut Street in the Bywater area! Tickets to the after party can be purchased here.


Saint Heron Presents: ‘Daughters Of The Dust’ Q&A With Julie Dash, Arthur Jafa & Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah

by Chelsea Samuel | published: Oct 13, 2016

So many exciting events happening during the New Orleans Film Society’s 27th Annual Film Festival. This Wednesday, October 19th, Saint Heron is pleased to announce that we will host a very special Q&A with director Julie Dash and director and cinematographer Arthur Jafa. Rachel Kaadi Ghansah will lead our discussion ahead of the restored rerelease of the acclaimed film, Daughters of the Dust.
Wait, there’s more! Interested in attending? Entry is free by simply emailing events@saintheron.com. Along with this exciting news, we’re happy to announce that Saint Heron will host the screening of the film during the closing night of the festival this week. Be sure to reserve your spot. We can’t wait to see you there!


Queens of the New Age Present: A Celebration of Extraordinary Women

by Shantel Pass | published: Oct 12, 2016


This Friday, October 14th, Queens of the New Age will honor twelve young female creatives who are killing it in their lane. There will be live performances from Anna Wise, Nia Andrews, Arima Ederra and special guest Aprilfoolchild. The event will also feature a guest set from Leimert Park’s LINAFORNIA and DJ Novena Carmel, and an international art exhibition including pieces from Corey Wash, Haley Parker, Sabrae Danielle and many more.

If you’re a DJ, singer/songwriter, producer or artist in Los Angeles, you’ll want to be in attendance to party and create with fellow visionaries. So make sure you’re at the voila! Gallery this Friday night at 8pm for all the lady magic your heart desires. Tickets can be purchased here.


Saint Heron Presents: “Bon Temps Bayou” With The New Orleans Film Festival + Hendrick’s Gin

by Shantel Pass | published: Oct 11, 2016


New Orleans, get your dancing shoes ready and join us this Saturday, October 15th for “BON TEMPS BAYOU.” We’ve teamed up with the New Orleans Film Society and Hendrick’s Gin for a special night of bonding and dancing over the finest cocktails from Southern Louisiana. Our resident DJ Kyle Woods will be spinning, so you know we’ll be jamming all night.

We’re thrilled to have you at our house to celebrate the 27th Annual New Orleans Film Festival, so be sure to grab your tickets before they’re gone! And you can pre-game with a special PROCLAMATION! Playlist curated by Kyle himself here.


Saint Heron Presents: Roll Back, Say That In New Orleans Featuring Corinne Bailey Rae

by Bianca Garwood | published: Sep 20, 2016


New Orleans! We have yet another special night planned for you! We are happy to announce that the amazing Corinne Bailey Rae will be joining us tomorrow, Wednesday, September 21st for our “Roll Back, Say That” artist talk series moderated by Stevona Rogers.

The first 150 guests to RSVP will be able to join us for what is to be a very magical night. In the meantime, revisit our interview with the neo-soul singer-songwriter here, and we look forward to seeing you all there!


Saint Heron Presents Wine & Grind: New Orleans Featuring Lil Jodeci and DJ Chinua

by Bianca Garwood | published: Sep 13, 2016


Home is where the heart is, and this Saturday on September 17th we’re bringing Wine & Grind to New Orleans! Lil Jodeci and DJ Chinua will bring the sounds while we thrive off the positive vibes. We’re kicking off at 9pm, so tell a friend to tell a friend and let the good times roll.

The location will be announced upon ticket purchase, so get yours before they run out here!


Join Ingrid at House of Blues Houston Tonight

by Shantel Pass | published: Aug 30, 2016

Ingrid HOB

If you’re in Houston tonight then you want to be at House of Blues Houston to catch some Trill Feels

Rapper/singer/songwriter Ingrid will end her residency at the famed venue August 30th. With contributory writing credits on Beyonce’s Lemonade, the Third Ward native has rapidly become a household name. It’s her 7-track Trill Feels EP, however, that’s keeping the momentum going.

You don’t want to miss Ingrid blazing the stage, so bring your good energy and join our girl at 1204 Caroline Street in Houston, Texas. Doors open at 7pm and tickets are on sale now. We’re sure you’ll want more of the “Double Pedigree” emcee, so click here for info on her two follow up shows in September.


Here Are A Few Handwritten Manifestos from PROCLAMATION! New Orleans With Like of Pac Div

by Shantel Pass | published: Aug 23, 2016

2016-08-20 11-31-37-page-001

After taking our PROCLAMATION! series east, the Saint Heron team returned home to New Orleans for another night of good vibes with good people. Producer and DJ LIKE of Pac Div took over the turn tables spinning a variety of jams that were a flawless soundtrack for dancing our declarative intentions into manifestation. The real magic, however, was in the energy of our guests’ proclamations.

Since we know just how contagious positivity is, we couldn’t fathom the idea of keeping these to ourselves. We’ve shared a few manifestos from the August 19th PROCLAMATION! party at the Saint Heron House in New Orleans below.

2016-08-20 11-28-59-page-001

2016-08-20 11-30-43-page-001

2016-08-20 11-29-52-page-001

2016-08-20 11-24-44-page-001

2016-08-20 11-23-58-page-001

2016-08-20 11-22-25-page-001

2016-08-20 11-20-58-page-001


Kindness Curates A Prelude Playlist Ahead of Saint Heron Soul Cleansing

by Shantel Pass | published: Aug 20, 2016

Saint Heron’s SOUL CLEANSING is returning to Los Angeles tomorrow, and we’re thrilled to immerse ourselves in meditative and purifying reflection. We’re starting some early prep by opening our hearts and preparing our minds for an uplifting release with our guests. Kindness, one of our guest DJs for the evening, curated a playlist containing classics like Deniece Williams’ “Free,” D’Angelo’s timeless “Africa,” the groovey “Strawberry Letter 23” by Shuggie Otis, and we even “Journey in Satchidananda” with the legendary Alice Coltrane. Check out our playlist inspired by the theme for SOUL CLEANSING LA below and vibe into the mood with us.

Interested in joining us? Tickets can still be purchased here


Saint Heron Presents: A Special New Orleans PROCLAMATION! Featuring LIKE of Pac Div

by Asia Burris | published: Aug 03, 2016

image1 (3)

After a successful three-day series at the Saint Heron House for ESSENCE Festival this year, we are excited to share that we will be bringing back another edition of PROCLAMATION! in New Orleans on Friday, August 19th!

This special night will feature exclusive sounds by LA-based artist, producer and DJ, LIKE of Pac Div! As usual, have your manifestos in mind to be shared upon entry. Interested in joining us? Be sure to purchase tickets here, and we look forward to leaving our woes on the dance floor with you all!

In the meantime, get to know LIKE by tuning in to a few of his jams here. You can thank us later.


Take A Look Through Inspirational Notes From Our Proclamation! Return In Brooklyn

by Karissa Mitchell | published: Aug 02, 2016


On Sunday, July 31st, Saint Heron brought PROCLAMATION! back to Brooklyn – where the coolest, most stylish people in the area came to party into the first of the month! Jamming to sounds by Kindness while sipping on the best drinks that the Casablanca Cocktail Lounge had to offer, it’s safe to say that we definitely left NYC feeling inspired to take on this month of August by storm! Attendees noted their manifesto’s and left their woes at the door! Check them out for yourself below:












Saint Heron Presents Proclamation!: Brooklyn With Sounds By Kindness

by Chelsea Samuel | published: Jul 27, 2016


Brooklyn, this one’s for you! This Sunday, July, 31st, Saint Heron is back for another edition of PROCLAMATION!

Our night will kick off at 7pm and as always, a mandatory proclamation is required upon entry. The very talented Kindness will be providing the sounds so that you are sure to leave all your woes on the dance floor for a night full of great vibes, style and positivity.

Be sure to purchase tickets here, and the location will be sent with your confirmation. While you’re waiting for the fun, revisit our debut in Brooklyn here to see what to expect!

Hope to see you there!