//Audio: Rob Milton, “The Threat”

Audio: Rob Milton, “The Threat”

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Virginia based artist Rob Milton is back with a funky, optimistic jam entitled “The Threat.” Produced by the legendary Georgia Anne Muldrow, who also laid down the chorus’ flawless vocals, this cut sings a story of hope through struggle.

We chatted with Rob about “The Threat” and what it means to him. Here’s what he said:

There’s so much happening in the world and while we are all effected by it, we’re all expected to go on about our lives. While we are watching our brothers and sisters get murdered by the police and our family members struggle from the side effects of having their water supply poisoned, we still have to work and pay our bills. This song is detailing how it feels from the perspective of a creative who is already struggling to survive and then also dealing with these unfortunate circumstances.

The track also features additional appearances from Roman Lee Norfleet, Jacque Hammond, Nicholas Ryan Gant, Kahlil Daniel and Robalu Gibsun, who Milton says, “…each individually mean something extremely special to me and my musical journey”.

We’re staying tuned for what’s next from this singer/songwriter. Check out Rob Milton’s “The Threat” below, and head over to Bandcamp for your downloaded copy.

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