//Audio: Raury, “NEVERALONE”

Audio: Raury, “NEVERALONE”

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Over the weekend Raury shared very personal feelings about the nature of his latest release and the raw emotions that birthed it. “NEVERALONE” was inspired by Luke Atkins, a skydiver who Raury relates to as a daredevil despite their obviously different work industries. He said, “I just happen to be born in Atlanta and had access to music and this happened to me. I’m a musical daredevil. He was born where he was born and he had access to skydiving. The differences between being a musician or being a skydiver…it’s all honestly the same. We’re all people who believe something [and] try to show the world what’s in our head, our dreams”.

The mellow track with Raury’s crystalline lyrical prose build a musical house of bravery and relatability. Check it out right below.

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