//Audio: Iman Europe, “Time”

Audio: Iman Europe, “Time”


It’s been awhile since we’ve gotten a taste of Iman Europe’s Hip Hop-tinged soul and we’ve certainly missed it. She’s finally back with a new single titled “Time,” a vibey, laidback cut with truly satiating west coast energy. In love and yet still in control, Iman sings “time is of the essence” themed lyrics to a lover while reminding herself that her romantic destiny is as much in the hand of divine order as the rest of her life. “Although this song stems from a personal experience, I think our generation is very focused right now and our time and attention is very valuable. We ain’t got time to waste it,” she said.

“Time” is the lead single from the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter’s forthcoming, debut album Nami. Listen via your preferred music streaming service or below via Spotify and Soundcloud.

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