//Audio: Chris Kaz, “Track 01”

Audio: Chris Kaz, “Track 01”


Genre-blending London-based composer, producer, film-maker and musician Chris Kaz takes us on a journey through love with his haunting, romantic, yet inviting and mercurial new single Track 01.

As the Half Greek Cypriot, half German Sri Lankan talent draws from his own personal experiences with love and love lost , he tells i-D that his new heart-rendering offering mirrors “The moments in time, between lovers and one who thinks much of the nights, or moments, where everything has gone completely wrong and the memory of it, how they never leave your memory, the feeling that makes you jump up and attempt to push these memories away in disproval, not excitement. Track 01 was a personal story that turned into a nightmare of which I was saved by nothing but my own manifestation of her love.”

Immerse yourself in the new track below.


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