ICYMI: Matt Martians & Pyramid Vritra Release The Jet Age of Tomorrow’s New LP

God's Poop Or Clouds

Matt Martians of The Internet is not only working with fellow bandmates on their Ego Death follow up, but having already released his solo album The Drum Chord Theory in January, the musician, producer and vocalist reunited with The Jet Age of Tomorrow co-member Pyramid Vritra for the duo’s latest project. God’s Poop or Clouds?, which reminds of a futuristic musical, is The Jet Age of Tomorrow’s first LP since 2013’s The Jellyfish Mentality. Each song comes with a contrasting A and B side (part airy and cool, part funky and strange), whether obvious like the Syd-assisted “The Long Way Home” or subtle like “Wool Glasses,“ embodying an ironic audio pun on the album’s title.

Personal favorite “Ain’t a Party” is an irresistible bass-driven number featuring the warm, honeyed vocals of singer-songwriter India Shawn intermixed with Matt’s. That track is seamlessly followed by “Buzzin’,” the intergalactic house party jam of our dreams, highlighting the album’s picturesque transitions between all fifteen songs. God’s Poop or Clouds? isn’t your auntie’s R&B/Soul, this is a free-range, audio kaleidoscope. Enter Matt and Pyramid’s extra-sonic galaxy by listening below.

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