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Amandla Stenberg

Janelle Monae & Amandla Stenberg Discuss Racism, Hollywood and More for Teen Vogue

For Volume III of Teen Vogue‘s Icons issue, Janelle Monae and Amandla Stenberg open up in a candid chat about their friendship and their respective icon statuses. Their obvious, striking beauty aside, both queens are artists, actresses and activists whose tireless efforts to fight back against racial, social and even creative injustices have already begun…

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BLACK-ISH - "Hope" (ABC/Patrick Wymore)

‘Black-ish’ Debuts Powerful Episode “Hope” On Police Brutality

ABC’s Black-ish is only on its second season and already I have a personal connection to it that I haven’t had for a series in a very long time. As a Black child raised in the suburbs by a mother who worked her way out of the Bronx during some of New York’s roughest years,…

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Reagan Gomez Explores The Mistreatment Of Black Girls In Schools

In the wake of #AssaultatSpringValleyHigh, (officer Ben Fields has been fired by the way), there has been many conversations pertaining to where Black girls fall within the school-to-prison pipeline. Actress and creator, Reagan Gomez, dug up some investigation of her own when she asked Black women on Twitter about their school experiences. The results were astounding. Responses poured in with testimonial…

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Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 7.50.33 PM

#BlackBruinsMatter Protest After Students Wear Black Face At Kanye West-Themed Party

We are exhausted. Every October, a gif of Sherri Shepherd asking people not to do impressions of other races appears on a Tumblr dashboard. Why? Because in 2015 we still have to tell people not to do Blackface. Every October, as it draws nearer to Halloween, we have to brace myself for the inevitable onslaught of…

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This ‘Suffragette’ Film Marketing Strategy Deserves A Side-Eye

As a Black feminist, I have a complicated relationship with the first initial wave of feminism. On one hand, as a woman, I’m glad that I can vote; but on the other hand, the Suffrage movement was marred by racism. Suffragettes like Sojourner Truth, Ida B. Wells, and Mary Church Terrell were mistreated during the…

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Teen Documents ‘Shopping While Black’ on Vine

Vine teen user Rashid Polo became an internet sensation after his documented clips of store employees incautiously following him around went viral. In the six second clip, Polo positions the camera in front of him to expose how the various store clerks continue to supervise him in the background. The clip went from having a…

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Responsibility of The Artist: Apology Culture, Stereotypes & The Demonization of Black Culture

This summer when Paula Deen appeared across television screens offering a tearful mea culpa for her use of the n-word, it was all America needed to forget it ever happened. The nocuous apology culture that allows the most serious of offenses to be ramified by a “sorry” was enough to garner the support of other…

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