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Cross-country duo Limbs Puts A Unique Spin On Frank Ocean’s “Nights”

Frank Ocean’s “Nights,” a standout from the singer’s long-awaited sophomore album Blonde, has been artfully reworked by the indie-pop duo, LIMBS. The two have been creating music on opposite ends of the country. Vocalist Kim Mayo resides in New York while Kevin Abdella lives in Los Angeles, but long distance has not stopped them from…

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Olayinka’s Nina Simone Cover Sheds Light on “Misunderstood” African Women

According to Nigerian born singer Olayinka, evolving African women are the most to be misunderstood, and in her deep cover to Nina Simone’s “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,” she tackles such misconceptions. “I grew up watching a lot of women not have a voice because of many different reasons but the main one being because…

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Audio: Andra Day, “No Makeup” (Kendrick Lamar Cover)

R&B newcomer Andra Day had an impressive rise to popularity last year, and undoubtedly so, with a sound reminiscent of jazz legends acquainted with modern soul. And just as she got heads to turn in the beginning, leading her to grab a Warner Bros. record deal and release a successful debut album, Cheers to the Fall, Day is back with a…

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