Pharrell & Uniqlo UT to Release T-Shirt Collaboration


Pharrell is on fire this year. Next on his agenda is his highly anticipated Spring/Summer 2014 collection with the Japanese retail giant, Uniqlo, as he implements his “I am OTHER” brand for a collaboration. Early March, the multi-talented artist announced that he would be trying his hand in fashion design, and the results are surely something to pay attention to. Based on a friendship between the tastemaker and the store’s first ever crowned creative director, Nigo, it is no wonder the two would team up yet again.

The capsule collection is an assortment of men and women’s t-shirts and hats in 26 different styles and 14 colors, matching very closely to the store’s aesthetic. The slogan-heavy designs run for $19.90 each, which is a good bargain according to Pharrell:

“When I first tried some of the things we produced on, I couldn’t stop myself from showing it off. I was like, ‘Wow, this is going to be revolutionary’. “It’s so soft—gentle to the touch—and I just could not believe the price it’s going for.

Each t-shirt sells for less than $20, but the product is said to feel like $50-$80 quality, featuring Nigo’s tubular knit touch instead of side seams. The collection will be available for purchase online and in Uniqlo stores starting on April 14.

Check out the promotional video and an interview below:

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