Jhene Aiko

There are bells, whistles and gimmicks and then there is Jhene Aiko, the Los Angeles native whose music is known for its familiar lullaby feel and fluidity. Her soft, sultry vocals paired with a hip-hop centric soul have made her a favorite for rappers and other contemporary artists who desire a piece of her hypnotic…

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India Shawn

If India Shawn were a color, she’d be blue. Angelic and cool, you can literally feel the Los Angeles native’s voice soar over the modern beats and soft sounds of Origin, her debut album. And then, all at once, that whimsical blue turns navy and India Shawn delivers the grittiness of L.A. with an occasional…

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BC Kingdom-3300


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Elias Tahan

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Photo Tyrone Lebon The at times illusive, Sampha Sisay, very well could be nestled in any music library unbeknownst to the listener, but not for long. With a repertoire of collaborations including SBTRKT, Jessie Ware, and most recently Drake, this British songster is carving out a permanent place in music. The allure that surrounds his…

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Photo Jared Fullerton It’s Midnight and you’ve been lulled into a transient state. Iman Omari, knows seduction, well. Writing, producing, and singing an inescapably romantic sound. This LA crooner’s dreamy vocals wrap words professing peace, love, and respect. Lyrics are then compounded with undertones of heavy jazz influence backed by a nearly tropical repetition knock…

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Petite Noir Press 2


“I’m never going to be the same again”, echoes from the depths of lead vocalist, Yannick Llunga, of Petite Noir. You won’t either; his stirring vocals have a haunting affect. The South African singer/producer is gifted. Honing in on a voice that is so pure and without pretense that it evokes a nostalgia that has been…

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How much emotion can be captured in one night? Starchild not only exhibits feelings of lust, love, and all that lies in between displayed in his sonic expression, Night Music, but he does it with an admirable, successful simplicity. Raw yet refined, intimate tracks feature only a piano and his vocals ranging from sensitive falsetto…

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Photo Neon Pink Magazine When describing Kelela’s richly toned vocal performance on her newly-released mixtape, Cut 4 Me, the usage of alliterations abound. The industry’s critics can’t help from likening the Los Angeles-based singer’s sound to diaphanous streams of vapor and literal beams of light—pervasive energies, to be sure—that leave us to conclude that the artist…

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Photo Matteo Scaglione Through the warm, consistent lick of accompanying guitar strings and a punchy percussion, Jade de la Fleur’s lush vocals announce themselves to the listener on her Jaded EP’s lead single, “Freedom”. With a stripped down and spare melody, the deeply emotive message and performance from the Bayou-born chanteuse is able to propel,…

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