Xavier Omär’s ‘Pink Lightning’ EP is Tempestuous Joy

xavier omar

After making himself top priority over a toxic relationship in “Runnin’ Around,” Xavier Omär‘s romantic story continues unfolding in the Pink Lightning EP. Much like all real life romantic encounters, these love songs reveal tempestuous joy. The unease of detaching from expired love in the opening track blossoms into colorful feelings of being happily “Stuck” with a new inamorata. “Change on Me” begs a muse to keep love alive and my personal favorite, “The Title,” makes a case for the crooner’s rightfully earned spot as the sole winner of his significant other’s heart.

I want the lyrics to deeply connect with people. I hope that once the feeling of the beat fades, the lyrics stand out and stick to their hearts,” the singer-songwriter said. He continued, “I also hope that these songs give people the strength to uphold their worth, even in times of frustration and pain, and that it lifts them in their times of head over heels love.

You can stream the Pink Lightning EP below and be sure to see Xavier Omär live during one (or more) of his tour dates.

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