Watch Tyler, the Creator’s Cinema Inspired Visual For “See You Again”

It’s no surprise that Tyler, The Creator is still a visual genius. Since making his debut back in 2009, hes had no problem gaining/maintaining a huge following of fans that embraced his hyperbolic sound. Tyler has always touched on topics that teens, and now adults, needed to hear in music. Sometimes it felt like a lot, especially when you have people chanting “Kill people burn shit fuck school” at 15 years old, but it was a way to release anger and anxiety. Tyler, The Creator made it okay to be an artsy Black kid that was ANGRY sometimes and needed to yell and rage about it. He started a movement for teens that sometimes needed a space to not GAF, we needed that.

Fast forwarding through all of his incredible visual collaborations, from “IFHY” to “She” to “Who Dat Boy,” is pure insanity. Video after video, Tyler never takes his foot off your neck. He’s constantly pushed himself out of the mold and creates stunning visuals to match his constantly changing sound. His newest visual for “See You Again” (ft. Kali Uchis), from his previous Flower Boy album, doesn’t miss.

Very Wes Anderson inspired, the video starts on a naval ship. A$AP Rocky makes a cameo as his next door shipmate. The colors range from muted blues to vibrant turquoise, rubber duck yellow, and blood red. Following Anderson’s rule of symmetry, there is always a person or object directly centered. Kali Uchis can be seen sitting in a little boat, in which her three other riders plop into the water at the end of her first chorus. There are so many details in between here and the song switch at 2:16 that you feel as though you’ve watched a full-length film.

Tyler literally walks into the “Where This Flower Blooms” segment, sporting a very golf wang inspired fit: white shirt, bucket hat, sneakers, a loose cardigan over shoulders, and a black pair of dress pants. He switches into Halloween ghost gear, with white sheets hanging on a line as a backdrop. He raps here until he’s unveiled as a swarm of bees.

Please take the time to watch Tyler, The Creators newest visual masterpiece above.

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