Watch the Gorgeous “Shades of Blue” Short Film from Kelsey Lu

The strikingly stunning (both in beauty and sound) Kelsey Lu dropped off her “Shades of Blue” single less than two weeks ago and its magnetizing essence just got an accompanying, nine-minute visual that is as emotionally symbolic as the song’s lyrics. “…this song is a manifestation of that [turning] point in my life. For me, it was a glimpse of hopefulness and peace from within that depression and I can only hope it will bring a similar moment of peace to the listener,” she was quoted as saying.

The Vincent Haycock-directed visual was styled by Mindy Le Brock who used apparel to metaphorically illustrate that pivot from despair to hope. Le Brock said, “For me, clothing is a natural place to work with these emotions. My mood is often changed while stepping into a garment, both by the feel of the texture, and the change in the way you see yourself.

Starting beachside in a muted sweater, to muddied white in mire, and then orange tulle and green down (and more), you get the feeling that you’re watching the cocoon phase unfold to reveal the singer and musician’s shift into the rest of her life as a butterfly. Watch the gorgeous moods and hues in Kelsey Lu’s “Shades of Blue” short film above.

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