Watch Stevona Elem-Rogers’ Enlightening Lecture on the Power of the Black Woman at Xavier University

A couple weeks prior, the empowering Stevona Elem-Rogers joined Xavier University for a lecture dubbed, “All the Women are White, All the Blacks are Men, but Some of Us Are Brave: Exploring Black Womanhood in America.” The Womanist Writer and creator of #BlackWomenAreForGrownUps used the thirty-minute visual discussion to explore the multitude of black women who’ve impressively managed to stay true to their sense of self despite the tight clutches of adversity.

She opens the conversational atmosphere by confessing her prior realization for the need to engage with the crowd. Highlighting her sense of humor, she starts with the question, “What are some things black people say?” and answers herself pending help from the audience with, “God is Good: All The Time,” “Let the church say: Amen,” and the newest addition to that list of pleasantries, “Rain Drop: Drop top.” She transitions into the revelation that God loves black women because we are his creation then treads into details of a touching interview with her very own grandmother. Though, you could consider those details of the lecture the tip of a deeply-rooted iceberg. During the discourse on societal restraints, she covers quite the diverse group of subjects; probing everyone from Maya Angelou to Cardi B. As always, she speaks with class and grace as she enlightens those who inspire her work.

When people talk about women, they’re usually referring to white women. When people about black people, we find that the conversation is normally around black men. But some us are brave. Some of us have to create our own narratives, and these are the black women.”


Watch the lecture above, then revisit the open letter Stevie shared with Saint Heron here.

Videography + Photography: Dawnie Marie

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