Watch Smino’s Rowdy & Seductive “Wild Irish Roses” Visual

We just learned yesterday that Smino will be among the many hit-making performers at Afropunk this year and today the St. Louis-born, Chicago transplant is sharing the latest drop from 2017’s blkswn LP. Shot under the direction of fellow Chicagoan artist Jean Deaux, the video opens with Smino reminding his lady it’s her turn to take on a routine, convenience store run. Oblivious to the unexpected robbery scene that unfolds while she’s inside, he calmly awaits her return to his vintage drop top by daydreaming to the sound of “Wild Irish Roses.” Once sis makes it out to safety (and successfully with the Backwoods in hand), the rapper is startled into a hasty exit from the store’s parking lot.

The cool shit about it is, we shot it at Bob’s Market,” Smino told Complex. “They did Fast & Furious there, the nigga Paul Walker walked in and grabbed some shit in the movie. But yeah, it’s a legendary lil spot-spot. Probably the most memorable shit in the video was watching my homeboys, Fin and Dave Coresh. just go crazy in their roles in the acting scenes. I knew they’d bring the best out of it.

Watch Smino’s Wild Irish Roses above.

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