Watch H.E.R.’s ‘Every Kind of Way’ Short Film

In a heartwarming, 10-minute visual, everything we hear in H.E.R.‘s music comes to life. Filming  real life accounts of encounters with love, the Every Kind of Way short film opens with the singer-songwriter and musician’s narration of an observation of romantic journeys and showcases loving couples telling the stories of how they met. Everything from playful competition, to a tale of high school sweethearts, to relatable relationship conflict and a new, young love’s beginning are given audio spotlight atop Vol. 1‘s flawless soundtracking. Scenes set in various NYC subway stations candidly show the city in motion with a fixed focus on the theme of romance and it’s ever-present existence. Speaking of candid, we think we spotted a familiar silhouette minus the shadowy disguise.

Slip into the feels of happenstance romance by checking out the Sean Frank directed Every Kind of Way short film above.

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