Virtual Hub For Creatives Pays Homage To Female Artists

Kadeem Fletcher

Born and raised in Trinidad, 25-year-old Kadeem Fletcher is the internet sensation you should know about. Creating an aesthetically pleasing virtual hub for creatives worldwide is just one of the many things he likes to do in his spare time. When the young mogul isn’t too busy taking NYC by storm, pursuing his degree in marketing at FIT or working as a social media developer – he’s most likely building anticipation for his internet-famous annual virtual design gallery, Digital Madrid.

Only two years strong, the online art gallery has gained quite the amount of attraction. Curator, Kadeem Fletcher has dedicated Digital Madrid to not only celebrating graphic designer, illustrators, and photographers but also simultaneously separates the real from the fake in the oversaturated world of “artists.”

With the third year approaching, Kadeem insists on taking things to the next level. Honestly, what more of a way to elevate the installation than to dedicate an installation to females only?! Though Digital Madrid is no stranger to hosting female artists in past releases, Madrid Femme will be solely for the exceptionally talented female artists of various mediums.

[Illustration by Olivia Odiwe via the first ever Digital Madrid installment]

What was originally a space strictly showcasing computer generated art; Digital Madrid has now adopted  photography, illustration, music, and clothing design like fashion editorials, architecture photography, and ink illustrations. Whether you are interested in submitting your work or even just visiting the gallery – you can thank Kadeem for making it all possible at the click of a button.

Although set to be released officially today at 8 P.M., lucky you for tuning into Saint Heron, Madrid Femme is actually open at this very moment for early viewing.

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