Valentine’s Day R&B/Soul Duets Appreciation

Roberta & Donny

When thinking about R&B/Soul music it’s important to acknowledge the genre’s chameleon-like power. When you’re in the mood to dance, when you’re feeling sexy, when you’re mad as hell, when you feel alone, when you need to “say it with your chest,” when you’re in tears and shower-wall sliding into the pit of your emotions… there’s an R&B song for that. R&B/Soul’s versatility goes far beyond emotion, as we all know, which is why its influence is heard in everything from Country to Electronic hits. It’s an all-encompassing style of music that can include Gospel, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Hip Hop and Rock elements without ever neglecting its singularity as its own class of music.

But since the ambient genre is so often associated with romance and passion, we decided to keep the loving vibration of this week going with a small celebration of just a few of R&B/Soul’s (and Funk’s) best love duets, both current and classic. With Valentine’s Day behind us, that’s all the more reason to continue promoting love. Romantic or not, no one can deny the timeless energy of love in these songs, this sector of music. You’ll find people both old and young reacting to a number of these songs with finger snaps and closed-eye swaying, or “aawwww sookie sookie now” and “that’s my jam” outbursts for decades to come over these tunes. So whether you’re cozying up with someone special or simply a mug of your favorite tea, this one’s for you. Enjoy!

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