Treat Yo’ Self and Tune in to Chance The Rapper’s Bath Time Playlist

chance the rapper 2
The act of self care often gets lost in the daily grind. But Chance The Rapper is here to remind us that occasionally, we must refocus our attention on ourselves. “I been neglecting myself, not taking care of me,” he tweeted. “Enjoy a bath once in a while.” And with that he supplied a list of tunes specifically for bath time. While the Apple Music playlist is simply named “Yup,” he clarified that it’s uses were for “you time” only. “Get in the tub, press shuffle, and treat yourself,” he concludes.

The playlist includes songs by our very own Solange, Frank Ocean, Gucci Mane, Drake, D.R.A.M. and of course the good guy himself, Chance The Rapper. Get the bubbles ready, light a candle or two and act accordingly. Listen in below.

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