Tinashe Explores the Effects of Colorism on Black Women’s Success


Tinashe ditched the sugarcoated tea and delivered it straight with no chaser in her latest interview with xoNecole. Some would say the 22-year-old is wise beyond her years and she proved such as she eloquently touched on colorism, sexism and the importance of wrapping it up.

Snagging some of the biggest music cameos this year, the singer/songwriter and producer is well on her way, and attributes much of her success to her own “creative force”. With Chris Brown currently starring in her “Player” video and appearances on Nicki Minaj’s Pink Print tour and Katy Perry’s Prismatic World tour, who could disagree? But the skeptics and naysayers continue to ride her coattail. In an industry that is sometimes defined by looks over talent, her rising success is often questioned.

I think sometimes being a “lightskin girl” is part of it. I think being a Black girl in general and being a Black woman of color is part of it.”

As a repeated offender of the “privileged light-skin chick who gets a pass” stereotype, her talents are seldom recognized. Additionally, the age-old tale of “it’s lonely at the top” for women of color, is also hard to ignore. Despite the many rappers and white leading ladies, women of color are generally limited to one dominating figure at a time.

It’s just kind of ridiculous because there are like a hundred blonde, white actresses and leading ladies. There are a hundred rappers that all virtually look the same, sound the same, and dress the same and no one cares. But for some reason, when it comes to young women, they want to pit them against each other. There can’t be room [for us all]. There can’t be five Black girls winning. It’s weird.

She proudly promotes the idea that each success should be considered a win no matter the number or shade but unfortunately it isn’t a widely accepted concept. Many times, Black women are forced into competition which fosters the lack of support between up and coming artists. But Tinashe is optimistic about the opportunity to one day share the “stage” with her fellow female counterparts.

While preparing for her sophomore release, she’s just trying to live in the moment. Although dating is not much of a priority for the young starlet, she emphasized the importance of safe sex. In lieu of Charlie Sheen’s recent announcement of his HIV status, she stresses the use of protection and sings ‘Safe Sex is great sex, better wear a latex!’ And you can’t go wrong with that.

Tinashe’s Joyride drops next month.

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