Tiffany Gouché Dispatches Sultry Energy with New Dual Single

Tiffany Gouche 2

Good news direct from the west coast’s passion lab, the sexy days of summer are just beginning now that Tiffany Gouché has blessed fans with new music. Following the release of her 2015 EP Pillow Talk, the singer, songwriter, producer and musician kept up the rising anticipation of what’s next from her with vocal and production assists (respectively) to multi-instrumentalist Terrace Martin, fellow vocal powerhouse Lalah Hathaway and a few others. The wait for more ends today with Gouché’s latest drop, a dual single that includes two new tracks “Dive” and “Down.” Providing a completely sensory experience, the California native dispatches fire and ice with the slow burning, lusty warmth of “Dive” and the cool, mellow certitude of “Down.” From full out, bedroom seduction to the shameless, enticing thoughts of a first encounter, Tiffany’s new cuts are overflowing with all the sultry energy we love her for. And did we mention the tracks were written, produced and performed by the numinous virtuoso herself.

“Dive” was written about a woman I met in my journey being newly single. I fell instantly for this girl but she wasn’t ready for me at the time. The song is basically reassuring her that if and when she decided to be with me, I’m all in. Basically I’m not afraid to “Dive” in,” Tiffany says of the new jam. She continues, ““Down” was written out of the pure joy of being single and being able to move freely romantically. I had a lot of fun producing Down because I was able to showcase more of my musical capability. Being in a new space creatively and emotionally, I feel like a new level has been reached in my artistry.

Get into the melodically concupiscent alchemy of Tiffany Gouché’s double-sided mood below and be sure to support the music here.

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