This Initiative Serves To Teach Black Entrepreneurs How To ‘Buy The Block’

Lynn Da

Lynn Da
is taking matters into her own hands. She has dedicated her time to uplifting and educating the Black community and, in recent years, she developed notable projects like (a Black business crowdfunding site), (a Black business jobs initiative), and Buy Black Economics Investment Group.

Her latest venture “Buy The Block” is an initiative geared towards opening the door for individuals and groups to pool funds, share knowledge and vote on properties in which to invest. Currently, Black Americans do not have access to viable real estate investment opportunities, so Da plans on using her platform as a way to take a logical step towards the Black community becoming better real estate investors/owners. Once enough funds have been raised through the company’s Indiegogo campaign, the website and mobile app will be used to empower Blacks to start investing and building wealth.

According to the Buy The Block Indiegogo campaign page, their vision is to change investing from confusing and frustrating to an accessible and enjoyable social experience. They want to create a new generation of connected investors who feel informed, empowered, and confident.​ All contributions will help complete the website and develop the app.

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