This 6-Year-Old’s Coloring Book Series Will Teach You a Thing or Two About Representation


To whomever thought extra curricular activities only followed the lines of sport and debate teams, it’s time to broaden your scope of the term. Six-year-old Vanae James-Bey has taken the matter of cultural appropriation into her own hands in quite the impressive way. Between the young artist and her mother Veronica Bey, the two have created a coloring book to educate young children on black indigenous cultures around the world while exploring the histories of native-born black people in Africa and America.

The coloring book, The Indigenous Adventures of Princess Vanae, has already collected a mass of approval since going on sale on March 31. The book lets readers in on a journey learning about the history and culture of the native-born black people in Africa and the Americas, the Root reported. According to the Atlanta Black Star, the book was a family project. Johnathan Ellerbee, Vanae’s uncle, provided the illustrations for the book, while the homeschooled Vanae researched all kinds of indigenous cultures with the help of her mother.

Culture is very important to our family,” Veronica Bey told the Atlanta Black Star. “[As well as] knowing about our indigenous roots. Being homeschooled, we tend to stick to a more Afrocentric curriculum and noticed how hard it was to find specific materials for lessons and how many other parents [and] students must feel the same.”


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