The New York Times Shares a Profile of Miss Tina the Matriarch

Miss Tina 2

It’s the first voice you hear in utero and the one that soothes you following your first breaths after birth. It’s the voice of your mother, the woman who carried you into life and in most cases shaped who you’ve become. So it’s no wonder that Solange and Beyoncé praise Miss Tina, their mother, every chance they get whether in an acceptance speech or an editorial interview. The woman who countless millennials have unofficially adopted as their own mom is also an activist, philanthropist, creative, motivational speaker and a lighthouse. In full recognition of these facts, The New York Times caught up with the classiest, wittiest, most stylish and ever so graceful Miss Tina Knowles Lawson for a feature of her own.

In a profile that goes beyond her contributions to and support of the careers of her very successful daughters, the Times has fittingly dubbed Miss Tina a “matriarch.” The article discusses her upbringing in Galveston, TX, her fantastic Black contemporary art collection, her divorce from Matthew Knowles and some of her forthcoming endeavors. She was quoted as saying, “The day I had kids, I thought, ‘I might screw everything else up, but not this’.” But with a heart so pure and a purpose so altruistic, we’d argue that Miss Tina’s dedication and perseverance means she can not fail at anything she does.

Check out the regal supermom’s full feature with The New York Times here.

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