The Internet’s ‘Hive Mind’ Arrives

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After much anticipation, The Internet‘s fourth studio album Hive Mind has arrived. Fittingly titled, the project showcases the band’s growth as a unit and propels the best of Syd‘s silky vocals and lyrical finesse, Matt‘s retrofuturist synths and energetic melodies, Steve‘s beachy guitar grooves, Patrick‘s pleasingly sophisticated pocket and Chris’ expressive drum chops to a new sonic plane. Maintaining all the unboxable range of their previous albums, the Los Angeles-based quintet still somehow manages to demonstrate the kind of creative maturation that makes the careful pace at which this project was completed well worth the wait.

Hive Mind includes previously released singles “Roll (Burbank Funk),” “Come Over,” and “La Di Da” which follow the album’s multi-layered, tone-setting opening number “Come Together.” Personal favorite “Hold On” is a lusty jam that finds enticing instrumentation further urging each lyric’s magnetic pull. In a scorned venting session, venom-soaked emotion drips over furious drums on “Look What You Started” while Steve takes over lead vocals on “Beat Goes On” and Syd gives her most tender performance in “Stay the Night.” Listen to Hive Mind below.

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