The Internet Announce Fourth Studio Album and Solo Projects via ‘The FADER’


The Internet is undoubtedly supremely talented as a collective unit. From Purple Naked Ladies to Feel Good to Ego Death, the band has demonstrated superb uniqueness and versatility together. Today, The FADER’s cover story featured the California-based group’s announcement that they’re now each prepared to artistically express those qualities individually. Before you get too distraught, our beloved band has not called this a permanent split. In fact, they’ve explained that writing and production for their fourth album will begin shortly, and is estimated to be released Spring 2017.


Matt Martians intends to take his solo music in a different direction than The Internet’s signature style. “My shit is very weird and wonky but it’s very core-heavy and melodic. They don’t sound like Internet songs, [but] they sound like people that are in The Internet,” he told The FADER.


Lead singer Syd, who has occasionally dropped loosies via her Soundcloud, already has 14 songs written for her solo record entitled Dive. Featuring production from Hit-Boy, MeLo-X and a few others, Dive will present more of a traditional pop sound compared to the R&B/Soul vibe we know her for. She told The FADER, “I grew up on Radio Disney and *NSYNC and Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys so I’ve always loved pop music. The soul shit we do is dope, but my solo shit is giving me the option to explore a poppier, more popular sound.


The otherworldly Steve Lacey, who is a huge part of the writing and production for some of today’s greats (including The Internet) says, “I’ve been working on an EP type of thing for a while. All me. I’m a producer-artist — a person who makes everything, sings everything, writes everything. I know what I want to hear.


Jameel and Patrick, who are not foreign to solo work, will keep the momentum going in their respective lanes as Chris has plans to do the same.

internet-chris internet-jameel

Huge congratulations from us here at Saint Heron to The Internet for landing their first cover story. We can’t wait to support each of these projects. Be sure to check out The FADER’s full write-up here.

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