The ‘Chasing Trane’ Documentary Timelines the Turbulent Life of John Coltrane

How was there never a comprehensive documentary about John Coltrane‘s life until now? The saxophonist/composer, who died at age 40 in 1967, now has his own digital memorabilia embedded into music’s history thanks to John Scheinfeld’s genius Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane DocumentaryChasing Trane will follow the legacy of one of Jazz’s giants, exploring his unique, creative tenancies and probing a few of the minds of the many people he influence both during his life and after his death. It traces Coltrane’s career from his hardscrabble childhood to his days in Miles Davis’s quintet in 1957 and hides no explicit details of the internal struggles he battled and the drug addition that sworded them.

According to the documentary’s press page, the film is produced with the full participation of the Coltrane family and the support of the record labels that collectively own the Coltrane catalog. Considering his impact and the sustainable argument that he single-handedly influenced one of Jazz’s most defining moments in history, the only surprise beneath the beauty of this documentary is the amount of time we allowed to elapse between it and his tragic death.

View the trailer above, and click here to find a screening near you.

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