Terrace Martin & Smino Create “Pecans” from a Blank Canvas

It really is a happy holiday season when two of the music world’s quietest storms amalgamate their supreme talents. Terrace Martin and Smino have shared a new jam titled “Pecans” for a Yours Truly & Adidas Original presentation of #SongsFromScratch. After coming across a teaser for it just over a week ago, we could hardly wait for its official release. In studio, Rapper Smino on drums and lyrics and multi-instrumentalist/producer Terrace on synths & wonders (literally breathing life into the mostly blank track) are a harmonious, mega force. So what do you get when you combine the artistic genius of a creative from St. Louis and another from Los Angeles? Well, you get a sonic high from the ambient energy of Smino’s and Terrace’s 100% original vibes.

Watch the full video of “Pecans’s” composition above and listen below.

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