Sunni Colón Releases Long Awaited ‘Satin Psicodelic’ EP

Sunni Colón has released his newest EP Satin Psicodelic (via Stem) as well as a minute-long, avante-garde short film titled “7th Sky.” After teasing fans with a string of singles drops this year, which included 3 funky songs from the new EP, we’ve received 4 more tracks to enjoy as summer comes to a close. Colón genre bends by continuing to carry the funk in songs like “Strands of The Future,” adding calmer elements in tracks like “Guava,” and by giving you Bossa Nova in “Satin PSICODELIC”.

Similar to the narrative in the 7th Sky visual, the EP embodies a beach vibe. It’s reminiscent of sitting shore side and breathing in the misty air as you make the trip in the car. Each song creates a visual in your mind. Colón has a way of creating nostalgic sounds that carry you to places you’ve never been before. It feels familiar yet new.

Get ready to go on a different type of trip, stream “Satin Psicodelic” below and watch 7th Sky above.

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