Stream H.E.R.’s Wait-worthy ‘Vol. 2’


The shelf-life on H.E.R.‘s Vol. 1 EP is still as good as new and we’re fortunate enough to have new goods from her already. In Vol. 2, all the impeccable lyrics, vocals and vibes live on. But if you’ve had its two previously released singles (“Every Kind of Way” and “Say It Again“) on repeat like we did, you already know that. Equal parts complicated frustration and lusty bliss, the mysterious singer-songwriter and musician shares a tuneful reflection of that all-too-familiar internal conflict with a love. It seems that H.E.R.’s muse for “Gone Away” left her to sort out her own internal tug of war, while on “I Won’t” she declares that any love she has to give can not be forced.

We could rave on and on about why Vol. 2 doesn’t disappoint. But it’s worth knowing for yourself. Stream our favorite stranger’s latest below, and be sure to support the project.

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