Stevona Elem-Rogers to Host Reflective Lecture on Black Womanhood at Xavier University

Stevona Elem-Rogers 2

Womanist Writer and creator of #BlackWomenAreForGrownUps Stevona Elem-Rogers is hosting a lecture at Xavier University tomorrow evening. Grab your girlfriends (and tell the guys to tag along too) and make your way out to experience Elem-Rogers’ “All the Women are White, All the Blacks are Men, but Some of Us Are Brave: Exploring Black Womanhood in America.” The thirty-minute visual lecture will discuss various Black women who daringly and shamelessly maintained their own sense of self in the face of societal restraints. Covering everyone from Maya Angelou to Cardi B, Stevona is offering much more than a lecture presentation. She’s sharing a thought-provoking reflection on the necessity of Black womanhood.

Tomorrow evening, February 22nd at 5pm, make sure you’re in the University Student Center at Xavier University so you don’t miss out. Until then, revisit the open letter Stevie shared with Saint Heron back in October here.

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