Starchild & The New Romantic Announces ‘Language’ LP and Shares Compelling “Hangin On” Visual

Groove lord Bryndon Cook returns with the newest Starchild & The New Romantic offering titled “Hangin On.” From his forthcoming Language LP due “early next year,” the compelling visual weaves a series of layered messages together with a vintage flair in an homage to Martin Luther King’s letter at Birmingham and other heroes of those years. As the singer-songwriter and musician breaks free from unjust imprisonment, he finds himself comfortably safe in the familiarity of a small welcoming party by a couple of fellow Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) activists. “Holdin On” packs mollifying instrumentation blanketed by Bryndon’s lucent falsetto, a perfect match to his diaphanous choreography and live trio scenes. From beating systemic fear and micro-level challenges to encouraging poise and grace, Starchild & The New Romantic’s latest is a tribute to some of the past’s now fallen, loss-blemished victors and their still present pneumas.

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