Solange Uses Meditation as Protest in Tate Modern Digital Piece “Seventy States”

Solange Vid

As part of Tate Modern’s (London) “Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power” exhibit, our fearless leader Solange has shared an interactive piece on Black identity/womanhood. “Seventy States” is a digital curation of unused themes drawn from the ideas that framed the music videos for “Cranes in the Sky” and “Don’t Touch My Hair.” The piece also includes two untitled poems and another original piece we sleep in our clothes, (because we’re warriors of the night) 2017 all created by Solange.

During the creation of A Seat at the Table and my deeper exploration into my own identity, I experienced many different states of being, and mind throughout my journey. I mourned. I grieved. I raged. I felt fear and triumph while working through some of the trauma I set out to heal from,” Solange says of the digital work’s inspiration. She continues, “I wanted to create a meditation and mediation using movement, repetition, symmetry, color theory, landscape and scenography, as my own individualised protest.” The Alan Del Rio-directed “Seventy States” was made in collaboration with Carlota Guerra and features contributions from Ricardo Basbaum.

London, the “Soul of a Nation” exhibit is showing at Tate Modern from now until October 22nd. If you’re not in London, you can explore the gorgeously pensive “Seventy States” in the online version here.

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