Shean Durante Creates ‘Always Pinkies Up’ to Deliver the Real


The blogosphere is saturated with industry news and entertainment release sites and recently saw a surge in business professional focused content for the millennial entrepreneur. But it’s not hard to notice that there’s an absent bridge between the two and Shean Durante’s new digital platform, Always Pinkies Up, is building that bridge as they chat with creative and business professionals from various industries. In depth discussions about their respective journeys to success provide insight and inspiration for the millennial who wants to know more about what works for some of the movers and shakers already killing it in their lanes.

REAL conversations about REAL topics with REAL people.

Always Pinkies Up is an online and digital platform whose goal is to create an open forum and provide insight on various topics and issues. In addition, Always Pinkies Up will educate, inspire and introduce career enthusiasts to industry veterans and professionals.

Check out a clip from one of Always Pinkies Up’s interview with mega stylist Ty Hunter below and see full interviews on the official Always Pinkies Up site.

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