SassyBlack Says ‘No More Weak Dates’ With Album Debut

SassyBlack Press-4 Mujale Chisebuka

Producing music under the moniker SassyBlack over the last two years, Catherine “Cat” Harris-White is also a singer-songwriter based out of Seattle, who additionally dabbles in writing, entrepreneurship, acting and event curating. Formally apart of THEESatisfaction alongside Stasia Irons, this jill of many trades has emerged as a solo artist with a promising future in music and a one woman team.

In a relatable labyrinth of dating’s highs and lows, Cat released her first full length debut in a futuristic-pop self proclamation, No More Weak Dates. While exploring the various aspects of dating through the lens of a young queer woman of color, Cat bares her soul — from self assurance to self doubt in a beautifully crafted anecdote applicable to listeners everywhere.

“Dating is crazy. I’m not good at it. I wind up being someone’s friend or scaring them away or they really like me and then I’ll be like, “What is happening?,” she said in an interview with The FADER. “So I just was like, “What if I just approach that?” I guess ‘No More Weak Dates’ is just a proclamation to myself—because I’ve also just been on a ton of whack dates—like, “Don’t do that anymore! Find self love and worth and understand that you have purpose and that you shouldn’t be treated poorly. You have options.” I thought it was important to approach that as a black queer woman. Also, the way the album is, it’s very universal at the same time.

Check out No more Weak Dates here and stream her lead singel “New Boo” below.

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