Saint Heron Remembers Funk King Walter “Junie” Morrison

junie 2

The iconic Walter “Junie” Morrison has passed away at the age of 62, OkayPlayer reports. The multi-talented Ohio native and founder of legendary funk band The Ohio Players is the mastermind behind those funked up, synthy grooves from the ’70s that heralded a permanent shift in music. Morrison was also a contributing member of Parliament-Funkadelic (think “One Nation Under a Groove” and “Gloryhallastoopid”).

A musician, producer, arranger, writer and vocalist, Junie is an esteemed hero among musicians across genres. George Clinton called him, “the most phenomenal musician on the planet,” and even our very own Solange Knowles paid tribute to the illimitable genius on her life-changing A Seat at the Table LP. In remembrance of the king of Funk, we’re celebrating his life and contributions to music as we know it with a stroll down Junie Lane. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and all the lives he touched.

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