Rosa Parks’ Detroit Home Has Been Relocated To Berlin, Germany

Rosa Parks
Detroit’s effort to clean up the city would have costed it a piece of its own history.

 Rosa Parks’ niece Rhea McCauley purchased her aunt’s Detroit home for $500 to interrupt its planned demolition. Teaming up with artist Ryan Mendoza and several volunteers, she was able to physically move the home to Berlin, Germany piece by piece. Once arriving in Berlin, Mendoza rebuilt it. He was equally passionate about the project and although very difficult, it brought him so much joy. He almost felt obligated to preserve the home of the late civil rights activist.

In an interview with the Associated Press McCauley said, “It is something that is precious and it is priceless. And yet it is being mistreated. That’s what I saw. And that’s how it felt. And so when I met Ryan and he said, ‘Let’s bring it to Berlin and restore it,’ I said yes.” Since its restoration, the house is available to the public however, visitors are prohibited from entering the home. Mendoza wishes to sell the landmark to an art institution and donate all the profits to the Rosa Parks Family Foundation.

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